Bose MIE2i Head­phones Re­view

Bose MIE2i banner

Last fri­day my old in ear head­phones broke af­ter be­ing used for half a year so I wanted to buy some new head­phones that would last longer and stay in­side my ears bet­ter with­out falling out every­time I run. Af­ter do­ing some re­search on the in­ter­net I de­cided to or­der the Bose MIE2i head­phones on Ama­zon as they got great re­views, had mu­sic con­trols for the iPhone and iPod and were af­ford­able for me at 90€. The pack­age ar­rived a few days later and in­cluded the head­phones it­self to­gether with Stay­Hear tips in three dif­fer­ent sizes and a lit­tle soft case for car­ry­ing the head­phones.

The Design

The MIE2i headphones with medium-sized StayHear tips

The de­sign of the MIE2i head­phones is dif­fer­ent to other head­phones. I like the black and white striped ca­bles and the way the head­phones are shaped. The me­dia con­trols are placed on the right ca­ble, which con­fused me a bit at the be­gin­ning as I got used to hav­ing it on the left ca­ble, and they have nice and large but­tons that you won't miss if you try press­ing them with­out look­ing at the ca­ble.

Media controls of the MIE2i headphonesHeadphone jack of the MIE2i headphones

The head­phone jack is an­gled a bit so that you can't un­plug the head­phones by mis­take. Thanks to the Stay­Hear tips, the head­phones won't fall out of your ears when you pull on the ca­ble. They sit com­fort­ably in­side my ears with­out be­ing too far in­side them which I did­n't like with my old head­phones. Also, you can hear your en­vi­ron­ment a bit when the mu­sic is­n't too loud which I per­son­ally like, es­pe­cially when I'm walk­ing to school. All in all, I re­ally like the de­sign af­ter get­ting used to it.

Audio quality

Af­ter un­box­ing the head­phones and tak­ing some pic­tures of them I im­me­di­ately started try­ing out dif­fer­ent types of songs. The first songs I lis­tened to were "Raise your Weapon" by Dead­mau5 and "Black­out" by Veto to test the head­phones' bass. The bass is­n't very strong on nor­mal vol­ume which changes if you press the head­phones into your ears, but you would­n't want to do that all the time. Apart from that I could hear al­most every de­tail in the bass, even some things that I haven't no­ticed be­fore, and I don't need very strong bass when I'm lis­ten­ing to mu­sic. To test the head­phones' au­dio qual­ity in mids and tre­bles I chose "Ar­rival of the Birds" and "Crim­son Skies" by the Cin­e­matic Or­ches­tra. Again, I could hear much more de­tails than I did with my old head­phones. I just for­got about the head­phones at some point for a while and felt like I was sit­ting in front of the or­ches­tra. All in all, the au­dio qual­ity of the Bose MIE2i head­phones is great if you don't re­ally need the stong bass. Com­ing to the mi­cro­phone qual­ity, I was a bit dis­ap­pointed of the vol­ume. Things that I recorded were not loud enough to move the lit­tle UV me­ter in iOS's Memo App. If you want to know how the mi­cro­phone sounds like, I recorded a test right on my iPhone and up­loaded it to Sound­Cloud.

Putting it all together

Fi­nally, I can rec­om­mend the Bose MIE2i head­phones to you, even though there are some draw­backs. I hope that I could help you with this re­view. If you have ques­tions or sug­ges­tions con­cern­ing this ar­ti­cle, just let me know in the com­ments. Also, this is one of my first ar­ti­cles in Eng­lish so if you find any ty­pos, just let me know about them, too if you like to.