Bose MIE2i Headphones Review

February 20, 2013 | 2 min read

Bose MIE2i banner

Last friday my old in ear headphones broke after being used for half a year so I wanted to buy some new headphones that would last longer and stay inside my ears better without falling out everytime I run. After doing some research on the internet I decided to order the Bose MIE2i headphones on Amazon as they got great reviews, had music controls for the iPhone and iPod and were affordable for me at 90€. The package arrived a few days later and included the headphones itself together with StayHear tips in three different sizes and a little soft case for carrying the headphones.

The Design

The MIE2i headphones with medium-sized StayHear tips

The design of the MIE2i headphones is different to other headphones. I like the black and white striped cables and the way the headphones are shaped. The media controls are placed on the right cable, which confused me a bit at the beginning as I got used to having it on the left cable, and they have nice and large buttons that you won't miss if you try pressing them without looking at the cable.

Media controls of the MIE2i headphones Headphone jack of the MIE2i headphones

The headphone jack is angled a bit so that you can't unplug the headphones by mistake.  Thanks to the StayHear tips, the headphones won't fall out of your ears when you pull on the cable. They sit comfortably inside my ears without being too far inside them which I didn't like with my old headphones. Also, you can hear your environment a bit when the music isn't too loud which I personally like, especially when I'm walking to school. All in all, I really like the design after getting used to it.

Audio quality

After unboxing the headphones and taking some pictures of them I immediately started trying out different types of songs. The first songs I listened to were "Raise your Weapon" by Deadmau5 and "Blackout" by Veto to test the headphones' bass. The bass isn't very strong on normal volume which changes if you press the headphones into your ears, but you wouldn't want to do that all the time. Apart from that I could hear almost every detail in the bass, even some things that I haven't noticed before, and I don't need very strong bass when I'm listening to music. To test the headphones' audio quality in mids and trebles I chose "Arrival of the Birds" and "Crimson Skies" by the Cinematic Orchestra. Again, I could hear much more details than I did with my old headphones. I just forgot about the headphones at some point for a while and felt like I was sitting in front of the orchestra. All in all, the audio quality of the Bose MIE2i headphones is great if you don't really need the stong bass. Coming to the microphone quality, I was a bit disappointed of the volume. Things that I recorded were not loud enough to move the little UV meter in iOS's Memo App. If you want to know how the microphone sounds like, I recorded a test right on my iPhone and uploaded it to SoundCloud

Putting it all together

Finally, I can recommend the Bose MIE2i headphones to you, even though there are some drawbacks. I hope that I could help you with this review. If you have questions or suggestions concerning this article, just let me know in the comments. Also, this is one of my first articles in English so if you find any typos, just let me know about them, too if you like to.