Build­ing a liv­ing room me­dia cen­ter - Part 1: The TV

Since I was born, we had an old tube-type tele­vi­sion stand­ing in our liv­ing room. It was­n't bad to watch TV on it, but it was just bulky and I could­n't at­tach any mod­ern de­vices so I used my PC to watch movies. When our DVD player broke last month, we de­cided to get rid of that old TV and get a nice flat screen tele­vi­sion. I de­cided to go a step fur­ther and use this new TV to build a nice me­dia cen­ter. Af­ter look­ing for some good and rea­son­ably priced TVs on the in­ter­net and read­ing some re­views, we de­cided to go with the Sam­sung UE40F6470 as this is a rel­a­tively cheap but still good prod­uct which has many good re­views. Also, we or­dered a TV wall mount to mount it while still be­ing able to move it a lit­tle. For the sound, I added a small am­pli­fier that I got on eBay a few years ago and two speak­ers that I still had ly­ing around. The me­dia cen­ter will run on an In­tel NUC which is not too ex­pen­sive and to­tally able to play Full HD con­tent while run­ning some other tasks in the back­ground. How­ever, it has not ar­rived yet. Af­ter in­stalling every­thing, our TV cor­ner now looks like this:


Be­hind the TV, we drilled a hole to lead the ca­bles to the cab­i­net on the right side of the pic­ture, so that no ca­bles are vis­i­ble. This is how the TV looks from be­hind:


I al­ready put an HDMI ca­ble and a USB ex­ten­sion cord be­hind the TV to con­nect it to the In­tel NUC. When the NUC ar­rives, I'll post part two of this ar­ti­cle. In the mean­time, if you have any ques­tions or sug­ges­tions, just let me know in the com­ments be­low this ar­ti­cle. To con­tinue by read­ing the sec­ond ar­ti­cle, click here.