Build­ing an Ivy Bridge Hack­in­tosh - The parts

The first part's bannerSince my al­most eight years old Mac Pro with it's Dual-Core proces­sor and 3 GB of RAM is get­ting re­ally slow, and I can't up­date to Mac OS X Moun­tain Lion any­more, I de­cided to get a new com­puter to in­stall Moun­tain Lion and Win­dows 8 on. This Hack­in­tosh should be strong enough for video edit­ing and photo man­age­ment and fast. In this ar­ti­cle se­ries I'm go­ing to write about every step it will take to build and in­stall this Hack­in­tosh. In the next ar­ti­cle I will be build the PC. As I al­ready tried to in­stall Mac OS X on nor­mal PCs, I knew that tony­macx86 is a great source for every­thing that has to do with Hack­in­toshes. For the parts, I used his buy­er's guide. Af­ter do­ing some fur­ther re­search on the parts, I ended up with the fol­low­ing parts list:

The whole build cost about 1,150 € which would be about 1495$ in Amer­ica. As the moth­er­board was­n't avail­able on Hard­ware­ver­, I or­dered it on Al­ter­ It ar­rived to­day and the other parts will most likely ar­rive to­mor­row. I'll post the next ar­ti­cle when all the parts ar­rived.