JDou­ble­TextField - Only num­bers shall pass

JDoubleTextField - An extension of JTextFieldThis Java class pro­vides an ex­tended JTextField that only al­lows the user to type in valid dou­ble num­bers. Ad­di­tion­ally, it can be spec­i­fied if the user may in­put neg­a­tive val­ues. This class is part of a pro­ject that we had to do in our in­for­mat­ics course in school. You can do with this class what­ever you want as long as you keep my name in the up­per JavaDoc com­ment. If you like to, fell free to fork this pro­ject and add fea­tures. The code is avail­able at GitHub as it is open-source. You can find it here. If you like this small pro­ject or if you have sug­ges­tions con­cern­ing this Java class, just leave them in the com­ments be­low.