Let me introduce you to Festify

April 8, 2015 | 1 min read

Over the last few months I have worked on a new app called Festify together with my friend Moritz. Festify is a free Spotify-powered app for Mac OS and Windows that allows you to let your guests choose which music should be played at your party. The development started in October of last year when we attended a party where the host used a notebook and Spotify to play the music. In the beginning, everything went fine, guests used the notebook to queue their favorite songs and nobody complained. But then, one person decided to just play a new track, skipping the current track and deleting the queue. From this moment on, tracks were skipped regularly, people were fighting over who could play the next song, etc. We watched this situation and knew there should be a better way to manage music at parties. So we developed Festify which will prevent situations like these by

  • Providing a democratic way for your guests to add their music to the party and vote for other songs using their smartphone
  • Managing the queue for you, so no songs get lost
  • Allowing only the party host to skip and manage tracks

We tried to make Festify as easy to use as possible. When you throw a party, you can use Festify in three easy steps:

  1. You download Festify and log in using your Spotify Premium account
  2. You create a new party and Festify generates a party code which is shown next to the song queue
  3. Your guests can enter the party code on their smartphones and vote for songs

While we designed Festify to be used small parties, you can use it everywhere many people are collaboratively listening to music. This includes clubs, offices, restaurants and other shared places. If you want to learn more about Festify or try it out, go to festify.rocks!