LMS Re­mote – Con­trol your Log­itech Me­dia Server

When I set up my liv­ing room Me­dia Cen­ter, I de­cided to also in­stall the Log­itech Me­dia Server to stream mu­sic stored on my ex­ter­nal hard drive to other com­put­ers, Log­itech Smart Ra­dios and the Me­dia Cen­ter it­self. There are al­ready apps for iOS and An­droid that al­low you to con­trol the de­vices con­nected to your Log­itech Me­dia Server, but I could­n't find any apps for Mac OS or Win­dows. The built-in web in­ter­face is a good start but it looks very old and not min­i­mal­is­tic enough, so I wrote my own app, LMS Re­mote. LMS Re­mote al­lows you to con­trol your con­nected de­vices and shows you the cur­rently play­ing song to­gether with nice cover art and fa­nart back­grounds. You can use it as a con­troller, as your main mu­sic app or as a sta­tus dis­play on your sec­ond screen or TV. The lay­out adapts to the win­dow's size. Us­ing the Quick Search field, you can start an Al­bum, Track, Artist or Fa­vorite by typ­ing in the first few let­ters.

Down­load LMS Re­mote for Mac OS Down­load LMS Re­mote for Win­dows

If you have ideas or ques­tions re­gard­ing this app, just leave them in the com­ments be­low or in the of­fi­cial thread on the Slimde­vices Fo­rum.