My new blog on Met­al­smith and Netlify

It's been a long time since I've up­dated my blog. I've been busy with uni­ver­sity and other pro­jects so that I did­n't write a sin­gle ar­ti­cle last year. Even­tu­ally, my Word­Press blog got hacked and my hoster shut it down be­cause they don't al­low host­ing of in­fected web­sites.

In the last weeks, I've ex­per­i­mented with sta­tic site gen­er­a­tion and dif­fer­ent sys­tems like Jekyll, Hexo, Win­ter­smith and Met­al­smith. While Jekyll was the eas­i­est to set up, I'm not re­ally a Ruby guy, so I went with Met­al­smith and de­cided to port my old blog over to this new sys­tem. Since the site does­n't con­tain any dy­namic scripts any­more, I de­cided to host it on Netlify which al­lows you to con­nect your GitHub repos­i­tory and host the con­tents of it, so every time I push a change to my blog, Netlify gets no­ti­fied and builds my blog us­ing a Gulp­file that I wrote.

The whole blog is open-source, so you can see its code on my GitHub repos­i­tory.