Re­view­ing Quad Lock's Bike Kit for the iPhone 5

Quad Lock is a smart­phone mount­ing sys­tem that al­lows you to mount your de­vices on a va­ri­ety of lo­ca­tions in­clud­ing cars, bikes and other places. The Bike Kit con­sists of a case for the iPhone 5/​5S, a mount for bi­cy­cles and the so-called Pon­cho which you can put over your phone when it's rain­ing. About a month ago, I bought a new bike and de­cided to get an iPhone mount for it. The Bike Kit costs about 60€ and comes in a com­pact box.


In­side the box you'll find the case and Pon­cho it­self, the bike mount and some rub­ber bands to in­stall the bike mount on your bike.


The Quad Lock case it­self is made out of a rub­ber-like plas­tic. It does­n't slip if you hold it in your hand but if you put it in your pocket, it slips right in. The con­nec­tor on the back of the case stands out by a few mil­lime­ters and com­ing from an Ot­ter­Box Com­muter case, I had to get used to this new de­sign.

The Pon­cho slips right over the case when you need it. It will pro­tect the iPhone from rain, but the back cam­era is still un­pro­tected.

In­stalling the Quad Lock bike mount is easy us­ing the two rub­ber bands. Ad­di­tion­ally, you can also use the two zip ties to se­cure the bike mount on your bike and to make it more dif­fi­cult for oth­ers to steal it. I de­cided to in­stall it in the cen­ter of my han­dle­bars, how­ever you can in­stall it wher­ever you like.


To mount the iPhone, you just push it on the bike mount and turn it, un­til it clicks in. You can mount it in por­trait and land­scape mode, and once it's mounted, it won't un­mount un­til you want it to. I've tried lift­ing my bike with the case and it still does­n't fall off. Mount­ing the iPhone takes some time to get used to, but once you know how it works, it does­n't take more than 2 sec­onds. In the next few weeks, I'll be on a small bik­ing tour. I'll up­date this ar­ti­cle when I'm back home to re­port how well the case worked there.