Test­ing Hard­wrk's Mas­sive Dock for the iPhone

The iPhone 5 is eas­ily my most used de­vice when I'm not at home. When I'm sit­ting at my desk, how­ever, the phone usu­ally re­sides in my pocket be­cause the Ap­ple's old dock is­n't com­pat­i­ble with the new Light­ning con­nec­tor. A few days ago, I dis­cov­ered the Mas­sive Dock by Hard­wrk. This dock is priced at around 60 Eu­ros, is made out of con­crete and weighs about 570 grams. Like many other docks, the Light­ning con­nec­tor is not built in, so you have to use an ex­ist­ing Light­ning ca­ble or buy one to­gether with it. I don't think that this is a bad thing, be­cause us­ing the Ap­ple's of­fi­cial ca­ble and Light­ning con­nec­tor you can be sure that every­thing will work as ex­pected. How­ever, if you don't want to use your ex­ist­ing ca­ble, keep in mind that you'll have to pay an­other 17 to 19 Eu­ros for the ca­ble. When you open the box, you'll find two small sheets of pa­per, dif­fer­ent rub­ber parts, so your iPhone will fit with dif­fer­ent cases and the dock it­self.


To set the Mas­sive Dock up, you just place the Light­ning ca­ble in the in­tended slot and slide in one of the two coun­ter­pieces de­pend­ing on whether you use a case or not. Af­ter plac­ing the rub­ber parts in the con­crete block and lead­ing the ca­ble through the bot­tom of the dock, it is ready to be used.


In­sert­ing and re­mov­ing the phone can be done with one hand as the Mas­sive Dock uses mi­cro suc­tion tape on the bot­tom to stay on the sur­face it is placed on. With­out a case, the iPhone fits the dock with no prob­lems, how­ever I did­n't man­age to get it work­ing with the Ot­ter­Box Com­muter case, maybe it is too thick.


All in all, the Mas­sive Dock looks great. I did­n't think that con­crete could fit in so well next to the other de­vices on my desk, like the Mac­Book Air or my Hack­in­tosh. The docks are hand-made mean­ing that every dock will look a lit­tle dif­fer­ent, which is also nice. I will rec­om­mend this dock to every­one al­though it is a lit­tle pricy. If you have any ques­tions re­gard­ing the dock, just leave them in the com­ments be­low.